Tuesday, June 26, 2007


DIVINE: Divine the first time. Divine every time.
Oil on canvas. 12 x12
Showing July 5th through Sept. 1st, 2007
at the Microcosm Gallery in New York

Moon Blessings

Available for purchase in my Cafe' Press Shop:


Sun Blessings

Available for purchase in my Cafe' Press Shop:


Creative Force of the Goddess: Sold

Mixed Media Collage on canvas.

New Begginings

Raven WingedHeart Logo

Raven Heart Doll: Sold

Hand beaded fabric raven doll with feathers & charms.

16" Moonstone Necklace:Sold

Moonstone pendant set in Silver,
Aurora Borealis faceted Czech beads,
Amethyst beads & chips, Metal beads.

Goddess Charms Necklace: Sold

New & vintage charms on an amethyst & wire chain.

Raven Goddess Necklace: Sold

Clay Goddes & Raven beads, Amethyst, Russian Jade, Metal.

Moon Goddess Necklace: Sold

Amethyst, Garnet, & Fresh Water Pearls with a carved bone Moon pendant set in sivler.

Fairy Wishes

Blue Fairy Necklace: Sold

Amethyst, Chalcedony pendant, Metal beads,
Czech beads with Aurora Borealis finish.

Shell Goddess Necklace: Sold

Raw turquoise & garnet stone beads, clay beads, & wood beads that have been hand burned with designs, with large shell pendant.

Raven Heart Neclace: Sold

Clay Raven beads, Faceted Russian Jade Heart pendant & beads, Amethyst, Metal.

Goddess Awareness Faire Art

Used on all promotional materials for the Goddess Awareness Faire. Also used on t-shirts, coffee mugs, & other products in their Cafe' Press Store.
Original photos used were provided by Phoenix Springwater.

Celestial Sisters Logo

Karma Acorn Logo


Mixed Media On Paper

The End To A Beautiful Day

Oil on gessoed paper

Student Art Show Poster

Faded Memories 2

Black & White Photograph

Faded Memories

Black & White Photograph

My Box

Mixed Media Collage


Prince Charming: Sold

Mixed Media Collage On Canvas

Me, Myself, & Eye

Oil on canvas

Look Out

Oil On Canvas

Baby Doll

Found Object Sculpture

Mask Of Many Faces


Powederburglar Logo

Emotion Motion 3

Mixed Media Collage

Emotion Motion 2

Mixe Media Collage

Emotion Motion 1: Sold

Mixed Media Collage: Papers, acrylic paint, chalk pastels, watercolors, gold pen, wire mesh, mirror shards, wood chips, covered in lace.

Awakening Goddess: Sold

Chalk pastels on paper, gold pen, colored papers.

Cothing Tag

Clothing Tag

My Grandmothers Scissors