Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blog Glitch & New Website

Well...looks like something went wrong with my blog. I'm not even sure what happened! On top of that, life has gotten very, VERY busy. Fixing my blog may have to go on the back burner for awhile. So if you're popping by to look at my blog & it looks all wonky, know that once upon a time it actually looked beautiful & hopefully in the next couple of weeks it will be back to it's beautiful self.

On a happier note, I now have a website. So in the mean time, come take a peek & tell me what you think.

Friday, September 21, 2012

New Gothic Photography

Well, hello everyone! While I'm enjoying the last of my morning coffee, I thought I'd pop by with some updates. Finally....a post from me. Can you believe it? I'm a horrible blogger. As much as I'd like to change that sometimes, life gets in the way. I'm still living with CFS/FM & trying to learn how to manage it better so I have more balance in my life. Pacing myself seems to help a lot & I'm getting to work in the studio more. Plus, my husband took a second job, so the goal I made for myself is when he's working, I'm working in the studio. Lots of activity in the garden right now harvesting & canning. I grew my own tomatillos this year to make salsa verde. Turned out absolutely fantastic! Next year I'm planting a lot more. That's for sure! It's time to start thinking about Halloween too! Getting the house decorated & finding a great costume! This is my favorite time of year & the busiest too!

I've been updating my blog, my Facebook page, redoing my Etsy shop. Right now I'm filling my Etsy shop with lots of new Gothic art perfect for Halloween! Here's a couple of peeks at some of the photography I've been doing.

So, that's about all for now. Time for me to get on with the day. Lots of things to do! In addition to my Facebook studio page, you can also subscribe to me now on Facebook. Pop by & say hi! Have a beautiful Autumn!