Monday, October 22, 2007

Halloween at MoonWillow Studio

Just a few pictures of our home this Halloween season. This is my absolute favorite holiday! It's almost an obession, really. I've been collecting Halloween everything for the last seven years...I have tubs & tubs in storage & have dedicated display space in my home for my favorites year round. I start thinking about Halloween in July...yes, July...but I actually start decorating the 1st of September so everything will be decorated by October 1st. This way I have a whole month to enjoy it. My birthday is in October too so guess what we do...Yep, we have a Halloween party! This year our home was filled to capacity with friends & family & I was dubbed The Queen of Halloween. LOL By this time next year I hope to have a whole line of Halloween art & fine crafts available. So please check back now & then to see what I've been up to. Until then, have a wee peek of my favorite obesssion.

Have a magical Halloween!

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