Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Studio Remodel

Currently my husband & I are remodeling the studio. How did this come about? Well, we were sitting out in the studio on Christmas night...talking about what we wanted for the studio in 2008...One thing led to another (like it always does)...We decided to put in a wall to make a small office space separate from the studio. (This means that the room our office is in now will become a 'guest' bedroom...which actually means I get my own bedroom...Now this is due to the little known fact that my wonderful hubby SNORES very very there are times I end up on the couch with a kink in my neck. I'm tired of the kink in my neck, thus the 'guest' bedroom was born.) My husband is out there painting the office right now. Once all the painting is done, we're moving on to a new floor & then replacing the windows & doors. Even though the studio is in complete chaos, new art IS being created! I can't wait to show you the studio & all the lovely things I've been up to! Until then, here's a sneak peek at the work going on. OH! I should also mention at this point, that my husband is a really great guy & is SOOOOO supportive. I couldn't do any of this without him...Well I guess I could, but I'd have to hire someone. So a BIG thank you to him! Here he is hard at work. Stay tuned to see the finished project!

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Please have your hubby go have a sleep test. He may be suffering from Sleep Apnea and it can kill him. My husand has it and when he wears his CPAP machine he rest good and sleeps good with little or no snoring. He used to rattle the walls.
I love your blog. I am going to post it to mine.